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Speak Graphically to Grab Audience

Brand development is an important stage to foray into success in any business. One of the few concepts that make up brand development is graphic design. Graphic design is an influential tool to register amongst people with ease. The knowledge and opinions of the common public change with attractive graphic designs and brand building exercises, hence graphic design needed to be given the utmost importance. Graphic design includes visual communication. This means texts are combined with pictures, animations, and graphics to communicate about business strategy or business aims and goals and how the business wants to percolate into the public. This way of usage of graphics is not everyone’s cup of tea because not everyone is bestowed with the skill to do it. Graphic design needs a special skill to transform pictures into text with little imagination. The basic usage or wide usage of graphic design is seen in the advertising industry. In the advertising industry, the space allocated to convey an important piece of information is limited. One has to convey a huge amount of information within the space allocated. Hope it is now understood why it is a skill to be a graphic designer. The graphical way of conveying information also ensures that visibility of the business is achieved amongst the public. The graphical design may at times is seen as a combination of logo and tag line. Both these tools help in registering the firm or products easily.

Graphic Designing is an art!


However, graphic design is not the only way to seep into the public, but this is an effective way to do it. While designing graphics-like content, the target audiences should be kept in mind, else the essence of the design itself is lost into oblivion. As these graphic designs have the potential to sell or market a product or an idea themselves, one has to invest on designs more, so the marketing strategy is a cakewalk. This is the role played by graphic designs in a nutshell.

Logo Designing

Let Your Logo Reveal Your Brand

A logo is an image or a graphical representation with a combination of symbols or emblems or special characters to bundle the business idea or strategies together for the public to make sense as to what the business or the product is for. Logos get registered with the public within seconds. There is no pain involved in remembering what a logo represents if seen once. There are a few logos that we see in day-to-day life, which are with us to date. To quote an example, the logo of Amazon – the eCommerce giant – has now been with us since we get to use it on a daily basis. The arrow that starts at ‘a’ and ends at ‘z’ in the word ‘Amazon’ is an example of an innovative style of brand and logo designing. This logo of Amazon means, they sell products from a to z. Logos have many uses, like being easily recognizable. The limited space allocated can be used to have a logo and the rest is understood. Another application of the logo is that it can travel across land and sea. A logo once designed can be used in  

any nation or in any continent. Language, alphabet, etc. do not make much difference with a logo. These visually attractive logos can be altered according to time, but elephantine changes might be a boon to the firm itself. Slightest modifications with changing economics of business and markets, logos need to be redesigned for the public to understand that we catch up with trends. Also, there is a conflict of logo overlapping. The recent issue is the overlapping of logo colours of PayPal and PayTM. However, there are international bodies that can guarantee copyrights and safeguard intellectual property rights.

Logo Design

Corporate Identity Design

Content Strategy

Get A Professional Touch with Corporate Designs

The next striking feature of brand designing is corporate identity design. While the former speaks about brand building using visual communication, the latter sets up a broader image and identity for a corporate entity that uses the same visual communication techniques. In short, corporate identity design is all about taking corporate enterprise into public for them to accept it by all means. As it may sound heavier to take into public but graphics, branding, logo and etc. fosters in achieving this feat. Corporate identity design is a part of branding, but the difference lies in the audiences who are targeted. Like branding, this yardstick also involves. Rampant usage of logo coupled with tagines and slogans, but the overall essence is to take the corporate enterprise to masses.

Brand Architecture Strategies

While designing brand architecture, strategies of the firm needed to reflect in the way it is designed, failing to do which may be a struggle to commoners to identify them with branding. One of the aspects that need to be taken care of while brand architecture design is color contrast, as colors have an integral role to play in graphic designs. There are three kinds of brand architecture. They are branded houses in which the parent brand name remains the same even with the sub-brands but sub-brands have a different purpose to do, like Colgate. The house of brands is another tier in which a house full of brands come under one umbrella brand bearing different names and meant for different purposes P&G. Finally, a hybrid branding is one which is merely endorsement of different brands, like Volkswagen.

Brand Architecture Strategies

Trade Show Booth Design

Trade Show Booth Design

Boost Traffic with Trade Shows

Trade shows are one of the easiest ways to promote or market an idea or a product. The trade shows are held at regular intervals in Tier 1 cities and at times in Tier 2 cities too. The outcome of a trade show is that a huge lot of enthusiasts flock around trade show booths to know the most happening products or to learn how the markets are functioning and what are those few that are steering the markets in those places or in those markets. Trade shows are also the best place one can ask for and best opportunity that one can get, to meet customers and like-minded at one place. At a trade show the usual business is that entrepreneurs, businessmen, big corporates and reining organizations come to the show projecting a display of their products or ideas. The participants may include allies or rivals, but here is the interesting part – one can also learn how their rivals are functioning and how they are ahead of their contemporaries at a trade show. At any trade show, a lot is put on exhibition and this showcasing of upcoming ideas or products drags people to come and pay a visit. This post-industrial revolution concept has been a friendly factor for companies to put on display what they are capable of and assure invited audiences that how their lives can be shaped in a better way.